Custom Casting and Mould Making
How it works

1. You contact me with a couple of pictures of the item to be custom moulded
*, and something to show scale (a 300 mm ruler is fine).

2. I then give you a quote, and we come to an agreement on the price for the mould, number of resin casts and colour (if required).

3. You then post the item to me and I make the mould
**, I will also make a short but detailed video how to drop pour polyurethane resin into your custom mould, and send it all back within 3-4*** weeks.

* Recasting. This is a BIG issue for me. I will only recast certain things and the final decision on whether or not it is cast will be mine. I will not recast entire kits, nor will I recast any figures at all. Regardless of how long the kit/figure has been out of production (OOP) or who it is made by originally.
However, letís say you have a kit (long OOP) that has a set of tracks that is not complete, and you would like me to help by casting off a set. If the tracks are not available through any other means (Friul, MK, AFV Club ect) only then I will consider doing the job.

**There are a couple of points to think about, I cannot guarantee 100% that your original piece will be in the same condition as I received it. This is due to the vacuum process that I use to create the mould. But we can talk about that and other ways that the mould can be done, e.g. without vacuum. But this in itself will affect the quality of the part.
I will hold on to one ď1st Cast MasterĒ. So if any new moulds are required at a later date of the same part, then you donít have to send me the master again. Also there is a limit to the size of the piece to be moulded/cast.

***This is the average time frame. Depending on the job, it can take longer than anticipated. 

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