This partial conversion kit is designed to convert the Dragon Models M1A1 AIM #3535 into the Australian version of the M1A1 AIM SA as used by 1 Armoured Regiment and the School of Armour.
Extra after market items are required to finish this model. See below.
Echelon Decals D356041 Australian M1A1 AIM SA markings are the recommended decals to use for the CARC Sand version. For the Three Tone paint, Echelon D356176.
Both sets of decals are available from ACM.

**Australian M1A1 AIM SA out of the Dragon #3535 M1A1 AIM, you will also need the following!

1. Bronco AB3522 1/35th T-158LL "Big Foot" Tracks.
2.Voyager PEA258 Modern US Army M1A1/ M1A2 stowage bin/baskets/CIP (For DRAGON 3535/3536)

ET Models E35-067 Modern US ARMY M1A2 SEP MBT.

Combo kit with Echelon Decals
$36.00 AUD
Resin conversion kit
$22.00 AUD